HIATUS and back to…normal?

Image from: http://downlopaz.com/featured/hiatus/

image from: http://downlopaz.com/featured/hiatus/ – I WISH there had been palm trees and a hammock in our hiatus! SHEESH!

OHmigosh. So so so so soooooo sorry. Here we get all these great questions from our faithful followers and we totally disappear off the grid for a few weeks!


Moving is HARD!!

We’re FINALLY pretty much moved, at least for the moment 😉 and as we’re settling into our new routines and figuring things out, here I sit with actually five minutes to myself. Boo. Yah!

(Please note: my five minutes I’m stealing right now includes ignoring all the kid-crap strewn all over the basement around where I sit…. Grumble grumble grumble….first world problems, etc. etc.)

SO, with that said, and again, our SINCEREST apologies, WE’RE BACK!

Watch for questions to be answered over the weekend, from both of us, and we’ll get back into the swing of this.

Cheers, friends, and thanks for understanding. You’re amazing! 😀


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