Thanksgiving Hiatus

Hiya, all! 

Sorry about the hiatus – Friday, as you know, was our anniversary, and then it was Thanksgiving weekend up here aaaand I had that one piece of writing set to post today, but I didn’t get to do the uh, “intro” about it beforehand…whoops… O:-)  

OH yeah, and we’re moving on the weekend. 

So, yeah. Lots going on, here.  

THAT said, we had a GREAT weekend. 

Which I will talk more about later. 

But one of the things that was SO FANTASTIC this past weekend was a super late, super fabulous conversation between my man and me, later joined by my brother. 


Mr Man of Mine FINALLY, after nearly a year, FINALLY let it out, and just DUMPED on me about the Church. It was amazing. Fascinating. Incredible.  He doesn’t usually open up like that to me, and with this subject he’s been so sweetly concerned with possibly negatively affecting my testimony he’s been so hesitant to talk in depth about stuff with me.  

Anyway, sorry to be so vague; it’s late at night, I’ve got one eye on “Bones” (I love this show – the best is when Angela pops on screen with some stupidly impossible technology that twinkles and flashes and has nothing to do with her art skills and connects a bunch of impossible dots by enhancing un-enhanceable photographs or whatever…the whole thing is hilarious.) the other on the orange I can’t eat because my hands are currently glued to the keyboard aaaand my brain is flipping all over. 

Hopefully in between packing boxes this week we’ll finally have time to address some of your fantastic questions – some have asked about HIS views, why he left, etc., and I felt it would maybe be best to hear from him, but he’s ALSO in the middle of switching jobs, so that hasn’t happened yet, either. I’m one of those road-to-hell-paved-with-good-intentions types – and explain a bit more about US.  

In the meantime… ohmigosh, this episode is hilarious – Angela is looking at an image on a computer through “different colour filters” trying to read a serial number on a prosthetic, um, male part. baaahahahaha 

And on THAT note…check for us tomorrow. And if this week we just SUCK…we’re moving Saturday, so should hopefully be back to some sense of ‘normal’ routine sometime next week. 

Cheers, all! Thanks for checking in! 


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