Yup, that’s about right.

Yup, that's about right.

My mister shared this with me and I about died laughing. No matter your opinions outside of the bedroom THIS is TRUTH!!


2 thoughts on “Yup, that’s about right.

  1. haha! I love this!

    Have either of you ever read the book titled “Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling”? It’s a great read and not for the faint of heart. It’s a great honest look at the prophet’s life, and does not leave anything out. All his imperfections are in there. And it shows differences in records to help show the validity of some accounts. As I have read it, it has surprised me how imperfect, and amazing Joseph Smith was. There were times I felt very uncomfortable with his decisions while reading. However, it just goes to show that these men that we hold up as our leaders are not perfect. It is one of mormonisms greatest myths among members (not doctrine) that we cannot question our leaders, especially those we call prophets and apostles. When I find members of my own religion (being mormon myself) saying things like “well it was said by the prophet, so that is the end of the story”, I get really concerned. Our faith is in the Lord Jesus Christ, and His doctrine, and I do believe that if that is where our testimony lies, then it does not matter what our leaders mistakes may end up being. That is why I love the book I mentioned, because if my faith was in Joseph Smith, I would not be a member of this church. So I highly recommend the read. 🙂

    I respect you both for your strength and courage. I as well do not agree with Adam’s decision, however maybe the Lord is allowing this to happen to help you both take a better look at your marriage, and in the eternities, this will work out for the better. I pray the Lord will bless your family, and I know He will.


    • It’s on my to-read list; pretty sure he read it, though I don’t know if he made it all the way through? My dad highly recommended it.

      Love your comments, though, and agree! People are never perfect, no matter how high the pedestal is we may place someone on.

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